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Acupuncture and oriental medicine has been used as a healing art for over 3000 years.  In the United States, over 20 million Americans have tried it since the 1970's.  Acupuncture therapy can powerfully improve circulation, release endorphins hormone to control pain and allows the body to heal itself more quickly through the use of disposable needles.

Acupressure, specifically Tui-Na, follows acupuncture's theory, by using fingers and palms to press key points on the skin of the body.  The healing includes unique massage therapy without needles.  This is one kind of treatment that is very popular and has an effective healing process.  Some people compare this massage to deep tissue massages that are offered in typical day spas.

Chinese Herbs consist of variety of naturally found products that promote health.  The herbs may be dispensed in pills, capsules or formula.  Herbal therapy treats a wide variety of symptoms while stimulating the body's natural healing process without side effects.  A few examples:  Ginseng helps people's energy flow.  Some herbs help people sleep better or treat common colds/flu symptoms.  While other herbs can help patch specific areas that are in pain.