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Dr. Lily Ma, L.AC. & MD (China) has been a licensed acupuncturist for 22 years.  She has experience in Western & Eastern medicine, Acupuncture, Acupressure and Tui-Na Massage Therapy.  In China, she was a medical surgeon and acupuncturist at the prestigious National Medical Center of China.  Dr. Ma has continued to stay current in the medical field for both Western and Eastern treatments.  In 2008, Dr. Ma published two medical case studies for the acupuncture world.  The first case study was about correcting hunch neck and hunch backs.  The second case study was about treating pregnant women's depression with acupuncture related therapy. These case studies helped Dr. Ma receive the World Award Honor.   

Dr. Lily Ma specializes in treating serious or chronic pain, shoulder and sciatica pain, migraines, stress, depression, insomnia, allergies, asthma and chronic coughing.  She can treat infertility, fatigue, constipation, osteoporosis, tendonitis, arthritis, hypertension, paralysis, hunch neck and hunch backs.  She can help prevent and treat breast cancer, prostate cancer, dementia and strokes.  She can assist in weight loss, controlling diabetes, menopausal symptoms, increasing your immunity, and to quit smoking.  Treatments can also help with heart, kidney, stomach, gall bladder, and skin problems and improve function for voice, vision, and hearing. 

Most insurances are accepted.  Commonly available for treating injuries for auto accidents, work related accidents, and sports injuries.  Treatments can be so powerful in as little as two to three visits.  Treatments can help people in a disabled situations return to work faster, help avoid surgery or even recover faster from post surgery.  

Best Care Acupuncture offers Acupuncture, Acupressure and Herbs to Adults, Children and Seniors. Best Care Acupuncture, Acupressure & Herbs does not only treat the symptoms, treatments balance the whole body.  Our advanced therapies help normalize physiological function, mental health and improve quality of life.